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Portland English Language Academy (PELA) provides opportunities for students to explore, discover, and learn English in all its uses, building the skills it takes to communicate clearly.

We teach English as it is actually used in a changing world.


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Why students love PELA!

Thank you for all the support your school brought during my stay and study time in Portland! It was of great help to continue my MBA program in Costa Rica. I think you have some of the best TEACHERS I have ever had in my life.

Barbara, Venezuela
I came to PORTLAND only 12 days ago, but already I’ve had many good experiences. Every day I have a full life.
Oliver, Venezuela
The PELA TEACHERS were awesome! I felt like I gained a lot of knowledge from them in the tutoring center. They knew my problems well and helped me with everything.
- Ajaree, Thailand
In our LISTENING and SPEAKING classes, the teacher gave us a lot of opportunities to practice English with many friends from many countries.
Mariko, Japan

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